Canada's NDP


November 9th, 2020

Justice for Genesta Garson. Action now.

As Canadians, we have to be concerned about systemic racism in our police force. We need to put an end to it now.

The recent revelations of the treatment of Genesta Garson when she was in the custody of Community Safety Officers and the RCMP in Thompson is extremely concerning.

On the provincial front, it is not acceptable that the independent review process does not cover the Community Safety Officer Program. This must change. There must be independent oversight and accountability. This must include the use of excessive force.

In terms of the RCMP, their repeated contact with Genesta Garson after she filed a complaint with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP undermines the independence of the Complaints Commission. She has made it clear that after these repeated visits she felt bullied. I am calling on the RCMP Commissioner and the federal government to investigate what happened and immediately put a stop to this practice. How many other complainants have had this happen to them?

There needs to be an investigation and review of all of the elements of this case including the ways in which our justice system doesn’t work.

There must be justice for Genesta Garson.

There must be action now.