QP: This government shouldn't be proud of a $350 billion infrastructure gap

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November 23

NDP says Liberals underfunding Indigenous Peoples is not Reconciliation

Liberals’ fall economic statement entrenches sunsetting programs in the face of a nearly $350 billion infrastructure gap, NDP says
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November 21

Niki Ashton, la porte-parole en matière de Langues Officielles du NPD, dénonce les nouvelles cibles libéraux insuffisantes en matière d'immigration francophone

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November 2

QP: Liberals look the other way while billions get hidden in tax havens

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October 24

Letter: Niki Ashton the NDP Tax Fairness Critic Urges the Government to Extend the Northern Resident Tax Deduction to Grand Rapids and Misipawistik Cree Nation

October 24th, 2023
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October 18

QP: You can't be a net-zero leader while continuing to build/invest in fossil fuels

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September 18

Letter: NDP, Lori Idlout and Niki Ashton call on Minister Patty Hajdu to take Indigenous concerns seriously this new parliamentary session 

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September 14

Lettre: À l'occasion de la Journée des langues officielles, Niki Ashton demande au Ministre Boissonnault à soutenir les communautés francophones

Une lettre de la députée Niki Ashton, la porte-parole du NPD en matière de langues officielles, félicitant le nouveau ministre Boissonnault des langues officielles, et présentant les priorités du NPD lors de la nouvelle Séance parlementaire 
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August 24

NDP calls for special committee to deal with tax avoidance 

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