Women's Rights

Niki Ashton and New Democrats believe in:

  • Promoting women's economic equality by ensuring pay equity, encouraging unionization, improving access to EI, and setting a minimum salary for employees under federal jurisdiction.

  • Improving parental leave benefits and working with employers to develop better work-family balance.
  • Ending violence against women by investing in prevention, education, and counseling, and by improving access to justice and protection of victims' rights.
  • Guaranteeing that abortion is a fully funded, universally accessible medical procedure, and protecting the personal safety of physicians, personnel, and patients at abortion clinics.
  • Adequate, sustained and multi-year funding to expand access to shelter and transition houses to support women fleeing violence.
  • Making Status of Women Canada a full ministry responsible for advancing women's rights, including a legislated mandate for advocacy in research in line with Canada's international obligations.
  • The importance of research and advocacy in the advancement of women's equality in Canada.
  • Eliminating obstacles to women's political participation by reforming the electoral system, improving political civility, and ensuring consultation with women's groups in public policy development.
  • Applying gender-based analysis to public policy, especially addressing the needs of marginalized women.
  • Showing world leadership by defending the rights of women to live without poverty, increasing development aid for women, including women in peace talks, and fighting the sexual exploitation of women everywhere.
  • Greater recognition of the significant contributions of women while serving in Canada's military or RCMP whether they served during war, here at home, or on peacekeeping missions and that measures are in place to continually safeguard equality of all serving members.
  • Re-establishing the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women to advise the Government of Canada on, and promote women's equality rights.