Prime Minister Trudeau: Keep your promise to help fund the East Side Road

We the undersigned residents of Canada draw the attention of the House to the following:

• THAT there are 21 communities in Manitoba that do not have all-weather road access;

• THAT the province of Manitoba has begun to extend all-weather road access through the East Side Road initiative;

• THAT this is critical to Northern and Indigenous communities because the existing winter road network is threatened by climate change;

• THAT due to climate change it is critical to accelerate the construction of all-weather road access into the affected communities.

• THAT during the election, the Prime Minister committed to funding for the East Side Road initiative.

• THAT funding for the Prime Minister’s East Side Road commitment was missing from Bill C-15—the Budget Implementation Act;

THEREFORE, we call on the Government of Canada to live up to its commitment partner with Manitoba and dedicate the necessary federal funding for the development of the East Side Road.

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