Canada's NDP


April 9th, 2020

Thank you, Bernie Sanders

Thank you, Bernie Sanders. Thank you for inspiring us not just throughout your campaign but throughout your lifetime of activism.

Thank you for building a movement - a movement of the people for racial, social, environmental and economic justice. For sharing words on the national and international stage that we've never heard before in our lifetimes. You have inspired movements not just in the United States but here in Canada and around the world.

Thank you for being a proud democratic socialist. For telling the world why putting people ahead of profit is not a radical idea but common sense. For reinforcing the idea that we all have the right to health, to housing, to economic security, to a clean environment, to joy.

Thank you for calling out the billionaires and the profiteers who create systems that reinforce their wealth at the expense of everyone else. Thank you for calling out the neoliberal status quo that exploits, oppresses and kills.

Thank you for standing with people on the margins. Indigenous communities fighting pipelines, migrant workers fighting exploitation, racialized communities taking on incarceration. For making it clear that these struggles are struggles we must all support.

Thank you for fighting for the working class. Many who have been taken for granted, used and exploited by those in power. You have built a coalition of people that's made it clear that it is the same political and economic systems that are holding us back.

Thank you for supporting the struggles of my generation and young people around the world. For organizing, for mobilizing, for inspiring generations that know fundamental change is not just possible but necessary.

Thank you for showing us the light in this dark time that your country, and countries around the world are facing. Your steadfast vision for healthcare for all, for support for working people, for nationalized production of the equipment we all need, for saving human lives through progressive politics and ideas is a roadmap for a new world.

Thank you on a personal level for inspiring me, my kids, my family, my friends, my community and for giving us strength knowing that Bernie, or Uncle Bernie as you are known, is in our corner, the people's corner.

Your fight is our fight. Thank you for showing us the way forward.