Canada's NDP


May 23rd, 2024

MP Niki Ashton calls for Canadian recognition of Palestinian statehood

Statement: After Ireland, Spain, and Norway, Canada should be next to recognize Palestine as an indepedent state.

"This past week three more countries announced that they will be formally recognizing Palestine as a state.

Around the world, the overwhelming reaction has been - it’s about time.

143 countries will now recognize Palestine as a state. They recognize that Palestinian statehood is not something that’s granted, it’s an inherent right. We’re also seeing how empty the words are of those that support a two state solution but argue there should not be a recognition of Palestinian statehood unless it’s negotiated.

Which brings us to this Liberal government. At a critical time in history they stand for everything and they stand for nothing. Where do they actually stand on statehood? If there’s one lesson from history, it’s that it doesn’t just happen. The conflict in Palestine didn’t just happen.

A two state solution is key to building peace. It requires two states, and the political will to make this a reality. Our message in this parliament should be clear. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Recognizing Palestine as a state is being part of the solution. The Prime Minister to the foreign minister in this government, must take a stand. For peace, Security and justice."