Canada's NDP


November 2nd, 2020

STATEMENT: The Covid-19 pandemic is getting serious in Manitoba

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting serious in Manitoba. Of major concern is the outbreak at the Keeyask work camp.

Lets be clear, Manitoba Hydro had ample warning that this could happen but they ignored First Nations who have been calling for decisive action for months.

Manitoba Hydro has chosen to put their business decisions ahead of the health of their workers and the most vulnerable communities in the country.

Manitoba Hydro must accept full responsibility for this outbreak. They must ensure the shutdown is done in full consultation with their partners and with full transparency for workers and their communities.

Manitoba Hydro must pick up the costs of self-isolation for the many workers who have nowhere to safely self-isolate as they leave the camp not knowing if they have COVID-19. Workers must be compensated at this time.

The federal government must support First Nations, call Manitoba Hydro to

account and work with First Nations to fight against this outbreak.

There is no time to waste. Lives are at risk.