Canada's NDP


October 2nd, 2020

STATEMENT: Calling on Vale to Halt Job Cuts

I am calling on Vale to suspend its plans to cut positions and potentially lay off workers at its Thompson operations.

I am very disappointed that at a time when we are trying to get people back to work from COVID-19 related shutdowns, that Vale would choose this time to cut positions and lay off workers.

There has been unprecedented government support for employers to retain and rehire workers and yet Vale is choosing to do the opposite.

This is a time of great insecurity for Thompsonites, as we have already been hit by job losses and reductions. This is not the time to be laying people off.

Vale has been cutting the Thompson operations ever since it bought Inco. When Vale bought out Inco, it committed to expanding its operations, not gutting them. Despite the significant support it received from the Canadian government, the Manitoba government and Canadians, Vale has cut its operations in our province. Vale has eliminated hundreds of good jobs in our community. It has pulled out of critical supports in our community. It has restricted future opportunities, benefits and pension benefits for young people and young families in our region.

At a time when our high grade nickel is in demand for new green technologies. At a time when governments are seeking to keep people employed. At a time when people are worried and struggling due to a global pandemic - Vale’s decision will make things difficult for a community that’s given it so much.

I would urge Vale to reconsider its job cuts. If Vale doesn’t want to commit to Thompson, they should find someone who does.