Canada's NDP


January 27th, 2021

MP Report: Parliament back in session

As Parliament resumes sitting, our message is clear. We need to continue to make this minority Parliament work for Canadians.

In this parliamentary session, the NDP will focus on Covid response and looking ahead to the post-Covid changes we need to make as Canadians.

A major priority has to be faster access to the vaccine for people. I joined with our Health critic Don Davies to call for initiatives to ensure vaccine access in Northern and Indigenous communities. There has been some initial progress, but there is a concern now that the vaccine roll-out isn’t rolling out fast enough. We have supported the call for an emergency debate on this key issue.

Like many Canadians, we were shocked to see the attack on the US Capitol by right-wing extremists. We are continuing to speak out on the threat of racist and right-wing extremism and the need to tackle it head on.

Throughout the session, my focus will be on raising issues of concern to our region. The events of recent months have highlighted the impacts of inequality, poor housing, limited access to health care, and inadequate social supports in our region.

Canada must do better for regions like ours.