Canada's NDP


December 3rd, 2021

NDP MP Niki Ashton: Liberal government is failing First Nations on clean water

THOMPSON -- On Thursday, in response to the PBO report saying the federal government is not doing enough to provide clean drinking water to First Nations, NDP Critic for Indigenous Services, Niki Ashton (Churchill—Keewatinook Aski) called on them to act urgently in the face of this failure.

No one should have to justify why people deserve to have clean water,” stated Ashton. “We’re one of the richest countries in the world, yet so many Indigenous communities live without clean drinking water. The Trudeau government promised to lift all long-term boil advisories in Canada months ago, but as usual, they lied. This government must do whatever it takes to give First Nations this basic human right.”

Today in Question Period, Ashton asked why the government hasn't helped three First Nations in Manitoba who have gone without water for a number of days. Mathias Colomb has gone without clean water for 76 days, Shamattawa has gone without clean water for 726 days and Tataskweyak has gone without water for 1,660 days. She called the situation ‘unacceptable’ and called on the Prime Minister to keep his promise to lift all boil-water advisories.

"First Nations shouldn’t have to go years without access to clean water. We see report after report and still, this government refuses to act,” said Ashton. "While the Liberals say all the right things and do the bare minimum, First Nations people are left suffering. The NDP will continue to fight for clean water on First Nations.”