Canada's NDP


November 26th, 2021

NDP MP Niki Ashton calls on the government to make huge corporations pay their fair share

OTTAWA – Canadian families are struggling to get by, and the situation has only gotten worse during the pandemic. While the Liberal government is clawing back the Guaranteed Income Supplement from vulnerable seniors and the Canada Child Benefit from low-income families, they have not taken any action to make huge corporations and the ultra-rich pay their fair share in taxes. Yesterday, NDP Critic for Tax Fairness and Inequality Niki Ashton called on the government to tax corporations like Amazon and stop giving them government contracts. Ashton’s proposal came the day before a global collaboration to “make Amazon pay” on Black Friday, November 26th.

“While this government coddles the ultra-wealthy through tax breaks and cushy government contracts, everyone else is being left behind.” said Ashton. “Instead of demanding that one of the richest companies in the world pay their fair share of Canadian taxes, the Liberal government continues to prove they’re more interested in protecting their corporate buddies' profits than helping Canadians.”

In the six years since the Liberals were first elected, they have done nothing to close tax loopholes, handed out special deals for their wealthiest friends and have watched as the richest people in our country get richer, all while cutting and clawing back benefits that Canadians rely on.

“Amazon is a perfect example of what is wrong with unchecked corporate power in our country,” stated Ashton. “They make massive profits, but the government doesn’t make them pay their fair share of taxes. Their image is that they are a pro-worker company, but they have a clear anti-labour record. They pretend to care about the environment, but they have an abysmal environmental record. We need a government that is willing to take on super-powerful corporations like Amazon.”

Ashton’s Motion was defeated, with all Liberal MPs voting against it. She will take part in a rally today to “make Amazon pay” in Brampton. New Democrats will not stop fighting until the Liberal government takes action and makes massive corporations pay their fair share of taxes.