Canada's NDP


April 15th, 2020

MP Report: Our region showing leadership on COVID-19

Around the world, there has been an unprecedented mobilization to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here in our region, there has been an equally unprecedented mobilization to fight this deadly virus.

As MP for our region, I am proud of the response from people, families, and communities across our North.

I am proud of the decisive action that has been taken to shut down Northern communities. This is a lesson that has been learned from jurisdictions around the world. The best way to fight the virus is to stop it from reaching our communities.

We are seeing the incredible work of people on the front line, especially our healthcare professionals who are prepared to deal with this virus. We are seeing the vital work of front line essential workers from our grocery stores, pharmacy workers through to taxi drivers and truckers.

The social solidarity across our region has been remarkable. People are staying at home if they can. They are social distancing. They are determined to protect not only themselves but their family and community as well.

What we need in our region is what everyone needs - the tools to do the job. I have advocated to ensure that we have the tests, the transparency and the protective equipment we need. I have pushed hard to make sure that all levels of government recognize the unique vulnerabilities in our region and that they fully recognize the challenges we face.

As I write this report, we have not had the significant number of COVID-19 infections that many others have had. The reality is that we cannot let our guard down. Many other parts of this province and country have been hard hit. Our seniors have been particularly hard hit There's the growing impact on First Nations. There is ongoing concern about the spread of the virus in workplaces.

The key thing we need to do is to keep up our efforts to stop the spread of the virus if there is one thing we're seeing throughout the world it is that we need to be vigilant. Even if things look good today there's a real danger of what it could look like tomorrow.

That's why if you can stay home please do. If you have to go to an essential workplace thank you. You are there for us and we have to make sure that we are there for you.

I know how challenging this is for many people. I have been in contact with so many people feeling a great deal of anxiety about what is happening here. People worried for themselves, their family and their community.
My message. Our message has to be clear. We must make sure we are all in this together. It starts by recognizing that many people are far more vulnerable than others in our community.

It's also clear that when this is over, and it will be, we need to learn the lessons of this pandemic fight.

One lesson is clear now.

People matter and communities matter. That's the key to fighting COVID-19