Canada's NDP


January 29th, 2024

Liberals start 2024 the same way they ended 2023 - by refusing to tax wealthy tech giants

Dear Minister Freeland,

I recently wrote to you on December 19th, 2023, urging your government to keep its promise to levy a tax on multinational big tech companies by January 1st, 2024. Now we’re starting this Parliament the same way we ended the last one – with your government refusing to make wealthy tech giants pay their fair share.

This failure to finalize the timeline for the digital tax raises serious questions about your government's dedication to holding tech giants like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook accountable. Now the first day back in the House and you’re already dodging questions from Bloomberg News, refusing to give any deadline on when this important measure will come into place.

As I wrote recently, it is worth noting that you, yourself, emphasized the importance of this legislation to Canada's vital interests. The government must resist external pressures, particularly from American corporate tech lobbyists, to abandon the digital tax and proceed making large tech corporations pay what they owe.

Your lack of commitment shows where this government’s priorities lie, and who this government will fight for. It’s not with struggling Canadians who would be deprived of $7.2 billion in tax revenue raised from large tech giants over 5 years, money that could be used to build more affordable housing. It’s time your government fought for them with the same zeal you defend corporate interests.

The NDP is committed to ensuring that large tech giants pay their fair share. It’s time your government move passed the lip service and joined New Democrats to stand up for tax fairness.


MP Niki Ashton – NDP Tax Fairness Critic