Canada's NDP


June 21st, 2022

Liberals must put Canadians ahead of billionaires

NDP Critic for Tax Fairness and Inequality Niki Ashton issued the following statement:

“While Canadians struggle to pay for food, gas and housing, the Liberals are again letting their rich friends making record profits off the hook.

Instead of making life more affordable for people, Liberals and Conservatives have put in place a system that gives preferential treatment for billionaires who evade taxes at the expense of the help people need now to make ends meet.

For the seven years that the Liberals have been in power, this government has been protecting the profits of the richest, first by offering a secret amnesty to KPMG’s wealthy clients and now by letting KPMG off the hook.

The Liberals pretend to investigate their own tax fairness failures. As long as they refuse to change the laws and close the legal loopholes billionaires use to avoid paying their fair share, the rich will continue to hide their money by using tax havens.

New Democrats don’t work for the rich and powerful—we fight for everyday people. We will continue to pressure Liberals to release the findings of the inquiry, end the preferential treatment of billionaires and change our laws to make the richest pay their fair share.”

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