Canada's NDP


December 16th, 2021

Liberals fail to help Canadians in need

THOMPSON – Today, in response to the Taxpayers' Ombudsperson newest report, NDP Tax Fairness Critic, Niki Ashton (Churchill–Keewatinook Aski), called on the Liberals to urgently deliver help to Canadians struggling to make ends meet. The report stated that the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) isn’t doing enough to deliver the help people need as they face the rising cost of groceries, gas, home heating, and a housing crisis.

“We are facing an affordability crisis, a housing crisis and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are failing to deliver the help people desperately need to put food on the table and pay rent,” said Ashton. “The Liberals will fight tooth and nail to collect sums of money from families struggling to get by, but they have no problem protecting the profits of billionaires who evade paying their fair share in Canada. This government prefers putting profits ahead of people.”

As Canada’s Taxpayers Ombudsperson tables his report, Canada is being called out on the world stage for allowing tax evasion on its territory. And while the cost of living rises, Liberals are delaying reversing their clawback of help for seniors and refuse to deliver help for over 900 000 people impacted by the pandemic.

“The Liberals will rush to help the world’s billionaires, but will leave Canadians waiting for help on hold,” said Ashton. “The government must act now as people face a new wave of the pandemic and rising cost of living. Many are on the brink of getting evicted from their homes. It shouldn't have to be this way. They need help now.”