Canada's NDP


May 19th, 2022

LETTER: The Liberals must keep their promise to Peguis First Nation

Community has not gotten the flood mitigation funding they were promised

Dear Minister Hajdu,

I am writing to you today, expressing my profound disappointment over a broken promise made to Peguis First Nation who will now have to live with the consequences of yours and the previous Conservative’s government failures.

I am referring specifically to a July 6th, 2010 request made by Peguis First Nation regarding support including funding for flood mitigation efforts. As I’m sure you’re aware, in the last few weeks Peguis has been dealing with unprecedented and devastating flooding, a clear sign of climate change. Homes have been lost. Hundreds of people have been evacuated. Community infrastructure has been compromised. This devastation could have been prevented if the federal government had stepped up and worked with Peguis to invest in flood mitigation infrastructure as outlined in 2010. The funding commitment was never fulfilled, adding to a litany of broken promises your government has made to Indigenous peoples across the country.

I have also been made aware that Indigenous Services Canada has indicated that commitments made to Peguis on flood mitigation have been met. This is simply not the case and must be made clear to your department. I would urge your government to work with Peguis First Nation immediately to ensure that the investments needed by Peguis are made so that the impacts of future floods are mitigated and the community is protected.

This is a matter of survival.


MP Niki Ashton (Churchill--Keewatinook Aski)