Canada's NDP


February 9th, 2023

CEWS study shows Liberals give handouts to the richest corporations

OTTAWA – NDP Critic for Tax Fairness Niki Ashton (Churchill—Keewatinook Aski) released the following statement in response to the new report by Canadians for Tax Fairness on how some of the richest companies in the country used the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) while avoiding paying billions in taxes:

“During the pandemic, while Canadian families were struggling to make ends meet, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals allowed some of the wealthiest corporations in the country to pocket public money while avoiding paying what they owe. This report reveals that 74 Canadian companies rely heavily on tax avoidance schemes like tax havens. Half of them received CEWS and used that money for dividends, share buybacks, and acquisitions.

Liberals told Canadians that this program was designed to protect jobs during the pandemic — and yet these companies are still operating under reduced employment.

The Liberals let these companies off the hook for abusing CEWS. They let these corporations use public money to line their pockets at the expense of higher housing costs, higher grocery bills, and higher gas bills for you and your family. And while Pierre Polievre and the Conservatives pretend to be friends of workers, they refuse to make rich CEOs pay what they owe so families can cope with the high cost of living.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised he’d crack down on tax avoidance but years later, Canada’s wealthiest continue to hide their money to avoid paying their taxes. New Democrats have called on the Liberals to change the laws to ensure the ultra-rich don’t get away with avoiding paying their taxes. We have also called for a windfall tax so we can invest in real help for people.

Justin Trudeau and Pierre Polievre will always side with the billionaire class.

Only the NDP fights for you and your family—not the ultra-rich and powerful.”