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December 6th, 2019

Ashton Reacts to the Liberal Government’s Throne Speech

Liberals failed to introduce concrete action to address northern housing and climate crisis

OTTAWA - On Friday, NDP MP for Churchill—Keewatinook Aski, Niki Ashton, responded to the Liberal government’s Throne Speech. Ashton said that the Liberals failed to address the urgent challenges Northerners and Indigenous Peoples face in Manitoba.

“In our North, we already see what the consequences to climate are change. The ice road season is getting shorter and it is threatening our infrastructure,” said Ashton in Friday’s question period. “Ending subsidies to oil companies is a start, forget about buying pipelines.”

“The government must work for people by backing their words with concrete action. I will continue to hold the Liberals accountable and ensure government delivers to Northerners and Indigenous communities who cannot afford more delay,” later added Ashton.

In our North, people are in dire need for safe and affordable housing, all-season roads and basic health services. The Liberals showed no willingness to act urgently to help Northerners. After claiming that their most important relationship is with Indigenous Peoples, the Liberals are refusing to stop dragging First Nations children in court.

“The Liberal’s Throne Speech failed to bring concrete action to help people in the North,” added Ashton. “People need help now. New Democrats will continue to push Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to do what’s right to deliver justice to our North.”


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