Canada's NDP


May 13th, 2024

Ashton Calls for Immediate Restoration of Internet and Cell Service for Flin Flon

Thompson- Today Niki Ashton MP urged the Federal government and Bell MTS to deal with the urgent situation in Flin Flon and area regarding disruption of vital internet, and cell service from wildfires.

Ashton has been in direct contact with constituents about the disruption of vital telecommunications services impacting both internet and cell services in Flin Flon and the surrounding area, due to the damage caused to fiber optic cables from ongoing wildfires. Ashton said she has been advised that Starlink satellites are being temporarily used to connect healthcare facilities and other offices to the internet at this time.

“We need Bell MTS and the Federal government that have jurisdiction over telecommunications to work with Flin Flon and the province to put a back up plan in place now and restore full service as soon as possible”.

Ashton reached out to the Federal Ministers of Emergency Preparedness, Heritage and Industry and received an immediate response.

“Federal ministers with whom I was in touch clearly recognised the impact on the communities and the importance of re-connecting these vital services.”

Ashton has also reached out to Bell MTS.

“What has happened shows just how vulnerable critical infrastructure can be in emergency situations. It also points to how important critical infrastructure emergency response planning is with climate change. All levels of government need to ensure plans are in place to ensure that if critical infrastructure goes down that there are immediate backup plans in place.”

Ashton has also been in touch with provincial officials on this urgent matter.