Canada's NDP


June 30th, 2020

Ashton Calls for Federal Disaster Assistance

THOMPSON - Record rainfall and extreme weather has had a negative impact on communities and the infrastructure they depend on across Northern Manitoba. Niki Ashton MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski is calling on the federal government to step in.

“Our North has had record rainfall and it’s meant that highways like PR 280 have washed out, Highway 391 have been deeply damaged and other roads including the one to Sherridon have been affected. People have been left stranded. Communities are struggling. Federal disaster assistance must be made available to address the situation.”

“We must also be clear that the ongoing cuts by the Provincial Government are part of the problem. The hiring freeze for civil servants, the cut backs to maintenance of our highways and the neglect of Northerners' infrastructure needs has contributed to this situation.”

“Northerners depend on highways to get in and out of their communities, access essential services and live their lives. The federal government must be part of the solution to invest and restore critical infrastructure now.”