Out of touch.

That’s the only way to describe the federal government after the disconnect between Justin Trudeau’s eight day trip to India and what is happening on the ground here at home.

While the people of Churchill are facing skyrocketing food prices because of the shutdown of the rail line, while many people across our north face the challenge of putting food on their table every day, Justin Trudeau took a celebrity chef with him on an 8 day trip that was for most of the time nothing more than a junket. 

We have real issues here in our north and across Canada. What is frustrating is the degree to which we are being given platitudes with very little real change. 

The federal government should be focussing on the kind of issues we face here in the north in terms of healthcare, education, housing, poverty and unemployment. Selfies and photo ops simply don’t cut it.

As MP for our region I am going to be fighting for what really matters. 

I will be fighting to bring this increasingly out of touch government to account.