Thompson and Me? Michael Moore Takes Up Fight Against Vale

From the United Steelworkers website

In Brief

Academy Award-winning documentarian Michael Moore has agreed to New Democrat MP Niki Ashton's request to join the fight against Vale's devastating decision to kill 500 jobs by closing the smelter and refinery in Thompson.

NEWS RELEASE - Award-winning documentarian Michael Moore agreed to a request by New Democrat MP Niki Ashton (Churchill) to help share her message about the devastating decision by Vale to close the Vale smelter and refinery in Thompson, MB.

Moore's team expressed great interest in Vale's decision and the devastating impact it would have on Ashton's home community of Thompson. Moore's team plans to post Ashton's YouTube video on his website as well as post a series of blog entries by Ashton and the people who are losing their jobs.

"Our message is that this is about our jobs and our community," said Ashton. "It is time our government stopped supporting profitable corporations like Vale, and started standing up for us."

Vale, A Brazilian company, bought out Inco in a foreign takeover that was approved by Canada's federal government in 2007. In the fall of 2010 Vale also received a $1Billion loan from Canada's federal government. Despite promises to increase employment, Vale announced the closure of the smelter and refinery, eliminating all the value added mining jobs in Thompson by 2015.

Moore and his team pointed to the parallels between the Thompson story and the story of Flint, Michigan as told in Moore`s film Roger and Me.
"The story of Thompson parallels what the people of Flint, Michigan faced," said Ashton. "Our community is the latest victim. Our goal was to get our message spread globally. We are fighting back. We are happy to have Michael Moore help us get our message to the world."