The NDP Nation Wide Affordability Tour: A Gendered Perspective

Forty two per cent of us are living paycheque-to-paycheque and family budgets are stretched to the breaking point. Conservative initiatives like Income Tax Splitting and the Child Tax Benefit make it even harder for women to be able to make ends meet and provide for their families.

Since 1999 the government has been committed to doing fulsome gender based analysis of their budgets, however we have yet to see this work done by either Liberal or Conservative Governments.  Now another budget is before us that does almost nothing for women.

There is not a drop of money in this budget for childcare. There is no money for improvements to parental leave. No money for housing security for women who badly need it. There is no money for a National Action Plan to Address Violence Against Women, even though the Throne Speech promised there would be action on that front. There is also no money for a National Inquiry into the deaths and disappearances of over 600 Indigenous women whose families are still waiting for justice.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At the bottom of this message you will find tools to engage with your community in calling for a change.

New Democrats are talking to people from coast to coast to coast today on our day of Action on Affordability. Women make up over half the workforce in this country and yet the cards are stacked dangerously against them. Statistics show that women work lower wage jobs with less stability and
benefits. Life is too expensive, especially for young women and mothers. The cost of childcare is exorbitant and affordable housing is hard to come by. Even food costs are on the rise.  More than ever before working parents are having to rely on food banks to feed their families.

We have heard the worries of women who have to rely on payday lenders to cash cheques because they lack the resources to open bank accounts. We have heard that credit card debt is exceeding earned income and keeping women in the red.

Under Stephen Harper, women’s centres are routinely denied funding – forcing many to close their doors. These are the facilities that supported women climbing out of poverty. There is no plan to make up for this huge loss.

The Conservative Government has targeted organizations and agencies that advocate for Affordable Child Care, Action to Address Violence Against Women, Housing Security and so much more. Those who have fought for women’s equality for decades are losing their voice.

Budget 2014 fails the women of this country. Women work hard, bear the burden of discrimination and deserve much, much better than this budget!                      

Click here to get the tools on how to engage your community on making a change for the better. Print off the petition below and collect signatures calling for action. Share this message through social media.

Together we can make life more affordable for all Canadians.