Statement on the 100th Anniversary of Women Achieving the Right to Vote in Manitoba

On January 28, 1916, Manitoba women became the first in Canada to win the right to vote and the right to hold provincial office.  A historic achievement, the result of decades of struggle led by women like M J Benedictssen, and later on Nellie McClung. Unfortunately, First Nations women fought much longer to receive the right to vote in our province and country.

As a Manitoban I am proud of the way Manitoba women have blazed the trail from voting, to human rights legislation, to family law, to childcare and access to abortion. Today we acknowledge the women who fought decades ago and who fight every day to achieve equality.

And the fight must go on. We must put an end to the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, to sexual violence against all women, to pay inequity, to the lack of reproductive services and to the continued discrimination that Indigenous, racialized, disabled, lesbian and trans women face.

So today let`s be inspired by the strength of Manitoba women and take action to make gender equality a reality for all of us.