Statement on RCMP Report Update on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Today's report indicates that the national tragedy that is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women continues. Indigenous women still face higher rates of violence than non-Indigenous women – and are still four times more represented in terms of female homicides. The report repeated that this is a “societal concern”, and that all levels of Government need to show leadership and take action.

I welcome the call for action made by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in today's report. While they were able to report an increase in solved cases of murdered Indigenous women and a decrease of suspicious disappearances – the number of women going missing or being found murdered is not decreasing. In the past two years, 32 Indigenous women were found murdered. That is not just a number. That is 32 women who are loved and valued.
There is no question that Federal leadership is urgently needed. The calls for a National Inquiry have never been louder. The demands for a National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women continue.  Root causes including the trauma linked to historic and ongoing colonial approaches must be addressed. Poverty, housing and other contributing factors must also be addressed.

The NDP is committed to working with families and communities in moving forward. We are committed to calling an Inquiry in the first 100 days of government, and enacting a National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women.  We must work together to put an end to the violence that Indigenous women face.