I have always been proud to be from Thompson. Today I am doubly proud. 

Today we are sending a clear message to Manitoba, Canada and the world. Here in Northern Manitoba we celebrate our diversity. We support the human rights of all our citizens. 

To use the name of our Gay Straight alliance at RD Parker Collegiate whether you are gay, lesbian or whatever you are a key part of our community. 

As we celebrate today we must also remind ourselves that the struggle for human rigjts for the LGBTQ community is ongoing. Even last year in Manitoba we faced opposition to Bill 18 which protects LGBTQ kids from bullying. We are reminded that the opression of the LGTBQ community continues in many areas in the world. 

Today as we celebrate Pride North of 55 we can all be proud to be in a city and region ‎which is proudly saying to the world the LGBTQ community is an integral part of our community.