Person’s Day

Person’s Day commemorates the victory of five women who fought for gender equality in Canada. We honour this important day and the 1929 landmark decision in the Persons Case that defined women as persons under the law –paving the way for women’s participation in all aspects of Canadian society. 

There is more that needs to be done to ensure personhood goes beyond words on paper. Women continue to be underrepresented in Canadian life.  Only 25 percent of elected representatives in this Parliament are female and women make up only about 11 percent of directors on the boards of publically traded companies.

Despite gains, women have yet to reach pay equity and many struggle in poverty. Women also still face unacceptably high rates of violence. Equality must extend to all women both here in Canada and abroad.

New Democrats stand against discrimination of all forms. Today, we celebrate the foundations that have been laid in the past. And we recommit to fighting for gender equality for all, today and into the future.