Paying tribute to Canada's working people

I was pleased to once again join with the Steelworkers in Thompson to celebrate Labour Day.

Labour Day is an opportunity to join together as Canadians, to pay tribute to the working people of this country.

Since the 1880's Canadians have come together to mark this important day. It has been an opportunity to reflect on the fight for improved working conditions, wages, pensions, workers compensation, the right to collective bargaining  and much more.

Much has been accomplished over the years as a result of these struggles. Much of this progress is the result of the Labour movement both in the work place and in government.

It is thanks to the dedication of courageous workers and unionists that we are now able to work in safer conditions and enjoy other hard fought achievements like pension plans, social benefits and human rights protections in the workplace.

The fact is though that this is increasingly at risk. We are seeing increasing inequality and the erosion of hard fought rights.  At the same time we are seeing just how much we have to fight for these rights internationally.

Here in Canada, Labour Day is an opportunity to re-commit ourselves to fighting to create quality jobs, better pensions and retirement security.

That is exactly what I will be fighting for in Parliament as your MP.