Open letter to Canada Post re: Pay Equity

Deeprak Chopra

President and Chief Executive Officer Canada Post Corporation

2701 Riverside Drive

Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0B1


Cc: Denis Lamelin

President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

377 Bank Street

 Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1Y3


November 14, 2012

Subject:  Open letter to Canada Post re: Pay Equity

Dear Mr. Chopra

On Nov 17 2011, after almost 30 years in court, The Supreme Court ruled in favour of a Human Rights Tribunal Order to provide pay equity to thousands of claimants involved in the longest Pay Equity suit in Canadian history. One year later, Canada Post has not settled these claims and the case is going back into litigation. Canada Post is unwilling to agree upon a fair interest rate for the settlements. PSAC is left with no choice but to go back to court in order to obtain fair compensation for the workers they represent.

Originally, the case was filed on behalf of 2,300 employees, mostly women in 1983. Closer to 6000 employees, who worked between 1983 and 2002 are now waiting for the compensation they badly need. The courts have spoken and it is incumbent upon Canada Post to act quickly to resolve this dispute.  We are concerned that Canada Post is not allocating sufficient resources or staff to the task of resolving these claims. We are writing to inquire as to what exactly is holding up this process and how much longer employees will have to wait to receive what is owed to them.

On behalf of the New Democrat caucus, we are writing to ask that Canada Post stop delaying this process and pay out the settlement to employees as quickly as possible. Canadian workers have waited long enough. Some employees have long since retired and several have even died waiting for the fair wages that are owed to them.

New Democrats believe that Canada must adopt the recommendations of the 2004 Pay Equity Task Force which would mandate the government to facilitate equal pay for work of equal value for all employees in the federal sector. To date, the Conservative government has refused to act upon these recommendations.

We look forward to your response regarding this important matter.



Niki Ashton, MP Churchill

New Democrat critic for the Status of Women


Robert Aubin, MP Trois Rivières

New Democrat deputy critic for Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities


Alexandre Boulerice, MP Rosemeont-La Petite Patrie-

New Democrat critic for Labour