New Omnibus Budget Bill Unacceptable

Here we go again.

 The Federal government has introduced a
400 plus page budget bill that contains numerous negative provisions that go
far beyond the budget itself.

 In the spring the Harper government used
an omnibus budget bill to attack Old Age Security, Employment Insurance and
health care transfers while also turning back the clock on environmental

 The new omnibus bill further weakens
environmental protection by removing pipeline projects from the Navigable
Waters Protection Act. They are taking even more power into the hands of the minister – and doing all this without consultation.

 They are also hurting research and development funding as well as the Public Service pension plans

 The governments clearly hasn't learned their lesson  By presenting omnibus
budget bills, they are preventing Parliament from doing its job. Our job is to
thoroughly study all the different parts of this bill.

The government did not listen to Canadians outraged by last spring’s Budget Implementation Act. A bill like this, with so many changes to different acts, should have been presented in separate bills.

 Canadians deserve better.

 We will make sure that every piece of this large bill is studied carefully. We will fight the negative provisions of the bill. We will fight to make this government accountable.