MP Report: We Need to Stand Up to Defend Our Communities and Country

Our Communities, Our Country. Something worth fighting for.

It is time we as a country stand up to fight for our communities and our country.

This was the clear message that comes out of Vale's announced plan to shutdown the surface operations in Thompson.

Three years ago, the Federal government allowed Vale to take over Inco. They promised more jobs. They committed to growing our communities. Now they are saying they will completely shut down surface operations in Thompson by 2015.

What is particularly unacceptable is the fact that they have not come to the table to talk with governments, the union or stakeholders to talk about solutions whether it be in terms of the Federal emissions regulations or other issues.

A few weeks ago the Federal government said no to BHP's foreign takeover of Potash in Saskatchewan. Where were they when Vale took over Inco? Vale is the BHP takeover that got approved.

Our message to Vale and other companies has to be that this is unacceptable.

Our message to the Federal government has to be that it is time for them to stand up to defend our jobs, our communities and our country.