“We need to act now on the housing crisis” 

There is only one way to describe it.

Across Canada, there is a housing crisis.

In urban centres, in rural and Northern communities more and more Canadians are finding it difficult if not impossible to find decent affordable housing. 

Here in our region, there can be no doubt there is a housing crisis in First Nations communities. Waiting lists for housing are growing worse and worse and there are more and more houses in poor condition. 

We need to take immediate action to combat the housing crisis and bring relief to Canadians across the country.

Our NDP caucus has released the first part of a plan to build half a million affordable housing units over the next decade.  

It is a matter of priorities. Instead of giving billions in corporate tax giveaways and spend billions more on a pipeline we can bring relief to Canadians and build half a million new affordable housing units. 

It starts with addressing the housing crisis in Indigenous communities. There needs to be a major new investment in housing.  

We can also help first-time homebuyers with closing costs by doubling the Home Buyer’s tax credit. 

The crisis didn’t just happen. Various governments have neglected the housing crisis or made things worse by cutting our housing programs. 

Let’s use the upcoming budget to spur the creation of affordable housing, provide immediate relief to renters and keep the dream of someday owning a home alive.

Everyone in Canada should have a safe and affordable place to call home.