The federal government must act.

Dealing with climate change must be a major priority. 

We need immediate action to tackle climate change.  As leaders, citizens' groups and others have gathered in Poland for the latest International Conference on Climate Change, we as Canadians need to speak out. We need to call out the federal government for failing to make any substantial difference on climate change.

The government cannot simply defend how they will miss their reduction targets; they must instead take the opportunity to significantly increase their action to address crisis facing Canadians.

The stakes are high. If no changes are made, we will lose our fight against climate change.  Despite this urgency, it is clear that Canada will not be able to achieve the goals it has set by signing the Paris agreement on climate change. 

We are already seeing the impacts of climate change in Canada: longer heat waves, climate refugees, species extinctions, crop losses, floods, forest fires, the disruption of our ecosystems and other extreme weather events.  Our region will be particularly hard hit.

On the environment, we need to do more than just think globally. We must act locally to address catastrophic climate change.