MP Report: Taking our campaign to save Thompson jobs to the world

We are taking our campaign to save resource value-added jobs at Vale in Thompson to the world via the Internet.

This week we released a locally produced video on You Tube to highlight the fight to save jobs at the Vale refinery and smelter in Thompson.
The video shows why this is an issue of concern to all Canadians.

It highlights how the federal government allowed Vale to take over Inco in 2007. Despite promises of more jobs and a high price for nickel they are now saying they will be stripping out all of the value-added jobs at Vale in Thompson. To add insult to injury the federal government last fall gave Vale the $1billion that will be used to take out the jobs from Thompson.

The video tells the story from the perspective of Vale workers and local residents. They talk about the impact the closure of the refinery and smelter would have on them, their families and Thompson.

The message of the video is clear. This is about our communities, our resources and our Canada.
Most importantly it is also sending the clear message that we will fight back.

If you haven't seen the video yet you can see it through my web page or through my Facebook page. You can also watch the YouTube video, “Our Community. Our Resource. Our Canada” at: