As your MP, I have always made it a top priority to speak out in Parliament about the issues we face in our region. 

The first day we were back in session in Parliament this year I rose in Question Period to speak out about one of the most significant concerns in our region now. The loss of jobs, continuing high rates of unemployment and inequality because of decades of policies that have hurt our region.

The Port of Churchill, privatized by the Liberal government in 1997 closed down by an American billionaire. The loss of hundreds of jobs in Thompson with further job losses ahead in Flin Flon and continuing ongoing uncertainty in The Pas. Indigenous communities with rates of unemployment as high as 90%.

My question was clear.

“While the Prime Minister was lecturing people about inequality in Davos, in regions like mine because of job killing trade deals, privatization and foreign takeovers we’re seeing the privatized Port of Churchill shut down, the loss of hundreds of resource jobs and up to 90% unemployment in Indigenous communities.

When will the Prime Minister admit that the loss of jobs and the rise of inequality is because of decades of Liberal and Conservative policies?”

As your MP I will continue to speak out on this issue and other issues that matter to our region.