MP REPORT: Romeo Saganash - Calling it like it is

This week, I am pleased to host my colleague Romeo Saganash here in our north.

Romeo has been an incredible member of Parliament and an outspoken advocate for Indigenous peoples.

He led the fight for the recognition by Canada of the international declaration of Indigenous rights.

Day in and day out, he has spoken out not only behalf of his constituents but Indigenous people across Canada.

Recently Romeo called out the federal Liberals for exactly what they have done on Indigenous issues - a lot of talk and very little action. He pointed to the clear evidence of the fact that the government doesn’t care in the least about indigenous rights when it comes to major projects like the pipeline.

Romeo Saganash said in a few words what many of us have been saying. That talk is cheap. It’s time for action.

Here in our region, we need action on housing, health, education and the most basic infrastructure. We have people who continue to live in Third World conditions in a region that produces so much of the wealth of this country.

Romeo Saganashhas called it the way it is. As MP for our region, I will continue to call it the way it is.

I will both fight for the action we need,  real Change to improve people’s lives in our region and across Canada.