MP Report: Northerners Mark Remembrance Day

I was honoured again on November 11 to represent Canada at the Remembrance Day service in Thompson. 

Each November 11 we gather together to remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans. It is a day of national commemoration for the more than 100,000 Canadians who have died in military service. It is a day we pay tribute to those that have served our country in the past and serve our country today. The sacrifice for Canada, with our population has been substantial. What is also so unique is the degree to which Canadians have often served far away from home. Whether it has been in conflict, peacekeeping missions or humanitarian assistance, Canadians have served throughout the world. 

It is important that we never forget our veterans and our veterans’ organizations. 

It is important we never forget those who are serving today and their families. 

It is important that we never forget that the freedom and democracy we enjoy in Canada would not exist without their service and sacrifice. 

It is important we work to promote peace in the world so that we can build a world in which such sacrifice does not take place in the future. 

Lest we forget.