MP Report: "Much Progress, More to Do on Equality for Women"

Fourty years ago the report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women was released.

While there has been significant advancements in the status of women since then it is clear more needs to be done.

Many things have changed for women over the past 40 years Married women can now enlist in the Canadian Forces and the minimum wage for men and women is the same. More women have entered post secondary education and the workforce

The fact remains that four decades later inequality still exists in many areas. Disappointingly we are even still waiting for many of the recommendations from the Royal Commission to be implemented.

We need to continue to push forward policies and legislation that originally were recommended in the Royal Commission report – such as pay equity, equal representation in public office, improving the conditions in the lives of Aboriginal women and establishing a national Child Care Act.

The federal government is moving in the wrong direction. It has turned back the clock on women's equality. It has cut funding to women's organizations, abandoned the court challenges program and ended real pay equity for federal workers.

We need to re dedicate ourselves to the equality of women and achieving it before another 40 years passes.