MP Report: Listening to Canadians on the Federal Budget

The Federal government needs to listen to Canadians on the Federal budget.

That has been our message to the government in the House of Commons.

Unfortunately the Federal government has not been listening.

In the House of Commons the government presented an omnibus bill that builds in more than 400 sections that include numerous issues that need to be debated. The omnibus bill limits debate and discussion on these issues. 

Our caucus will be taking the study of the sweeping Conservative budget implementation bill to the public, holding a series of hearings in Ottawa and across the country.

We believe that MPs have a duty to thoroughly discuss legislation and that the public has a right to know the results of those discussions

There will be testimony from expert witnesses and the sessions will also be open to the public at large. 

The government is clearly avoiding public scrutiny. If the government won’t let us do our job in parliament then we have to take it directly to Canadians. One way or another we are going to ensure that Canadians know what this government is trying to keep behind closed doors.