MP Report: Killing the Wheat Board a Betrayal of Our Region - November 30 2011

 The Conservative government has rammed legislation through the House of Commons that will kill the Canadian Wheat Board. This is nothing less than a betrayal of our region.

The killing of the Wheat Board is being driven by ideology. It will benefit a few, mostly the agri-business corporations. Many will lose. Prairie farmers, port workers in Churchill, CWB employees and many others will all be negatively affected.

The killing of the Wheat Board is anti-democratic. The Conservative government ignored the Wheat Board legislation and refused to allow farmers to have a vote. Why? Because grain farmers have consistently supported the single-desk Wheat Board.

The Conservative government showed contempt of Parliament.   It rammed the bill through with virtually no opportunity for farmers to appear before committee and it limited debate in the House.

It is clear that the Conservative government is taking Western Canada for granted. Their actions on the Wheat Board are a betrayal of Western Canada.

Western Canadians deserve better.