It is time to call out the trade deals that are killing Canadian jobs. 

We have seen nothing less then a hollowing out of our economy. Whether it be in the manufacturing or resource sectors we are seeing more and more jobs shipped overseas.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an agreement that will kill up to 60,000 good Canadian jobs, stifle Canadian innovation, and hurt dairy farmers.

The Conservatives negotiated the TPP in secret. And despite promising change, the Liberals are moving forward with the deal. On trade it is clear. Liberal Tory same old story. 

But a growing number of Canadians—including prominent voices from industry and the labour movement—are speaking out about just how far this deal will set us back. 

The impact is clear. We will see well-paying jobs exported to low-wage economies where workers have less protection from exploitation.

Our NDP caucus has been a leader in opposing these deals and fighting for fair trade. 

Together, we can and we must stop the TPP and protect Canadian jobs.