MP Report: Government Limiting Debate Without Reason

The Conservative government is undermining democracy by limiting debate on key bills before Parliament in an unprecedented way.  Our caucus has tabled a motion to prevent Conservatives from continuing to limit debate on bills and fast-tracking the legislative process.

They have already done this seven times since the beginning of this parliamentary session. They have done this on key bills such as the bill to dismantle the Wheat Board.

The regulation concerning closure and time allocation for debates on bills must be modified so that Conservatives stop shutting down debate prematurely without reason. Limiting debate is an affront to democracy.  We have proposed that the Speaker of the House conduct a study and make recommendations in order to modify the regulation concerning closure and time allocation for debates. Under the new provisions, a minister would be required to justify their request for closure.

Since the resumption of work in the House the government has been limiting debate, time after time.  I believe it is important that MPs are able to do their job. Canadians sent us to the House of Commons and want to see us debate and discuss key issues.  It is time the government showed greater respect for Parliament and Canadians.