MP Report: Fighting for Running Water

The fight continues for running water in the Island Lake communities in Northern Manitoba and many other communities throughout Canada.

Last week I spoke in debate on an Opposition Day resolution in the House of Commons calling for immediate action to address the lack of running water in the Island Lake communities. The motion was passed unanimously by the House of Commons.

I pointed out that we have been fighting for this for some time. It became particularly apparent during the H1N1 pandemic how the lack of running water was more than just an inconvenience. Many people felt it contributed to the severity of the flu.

The lack of running water is the result of years of neglect. What was unclear from the Federal government's response was just how much funding will be earmarked to deal with the problem.

As MP for Churchill I have spoken out time and time again about the third world conditions facing Aboriginal people in Northern Manitoba and across Canada.

It is time for action to ensure that all Canadians have access to something as fundamental as running water.