MP Report: Federal Government Must Act

After I stood up to vote for Northern Manitoba on the gun registry I told reporters in Parliament that I wished the national media would pay attention th the third world living conditions in Northern Manitoba.

We were reminded once again this week of how many communities face third world conditions.

In Question Period I called on the Federal Government to take immediate action in working with Northern Manitoba First Nations facing third world living conditions when it comes to water and sewer services.

It is clear that the federal investment in water and sewer services in many Manitoba First Nations has failed to address third world living conditions they face.

An investigative report by the Winnipeg Free Press focused on the absence of adequate water and sewer services that exist on the four Island Lake First Nations: Red Sucker Lake, St. Theresa Point, Garden Hill and Wasagamack.

While investments have been made in water treatment plants many people don't have water and sewer lines. They depend on water trucks that break down and don't have toilets. They have had to deal with contaminated water supply and the health effects that go with that.

These conditions did not develop overnight. They are the result of decades of neglect.

I believe all Northerners deserve the quality of life that other Canadians take for granted. This starts with adequate water and sewer services.

It is time for the Federal government to act.