MP Report: Federal Government is Trying To Silence Its Critics

A consistent pattern has become clear when it comes to the Conservative government.

 If you advocate and work for change in a way that goes against the government's agenda you will pay the price.

 The latest example of this is the Conservative's cut of nearly 80 per cent of the core funding for the Assembly of Manitoba chiefs. This will have a devastating impact on the organization that represents Manitoba's First Nations.

 The AMC has spoken out on numerous issues affecting First Nations. This has included everything from the third world living conditions in many communities to the need for action on murdered and missing Aboriginal women. Time and time again they have called on action from the Federal government. Now they have been cut.

 The AMC is not the only organisation to have been cut. Many other advocacy organizations have also been cut

 The pattern is clear. This government will do whatever it takes to silence its critics.

 Canadians deserve better. The Federal government should be working in partnership with organizations like the AMC, not cutting them.

 I believe that the government's attempt to silence its critics will backfire. Why? Because there are a growing number of Canadians that recognise the government's true agenda- and we will not be silenced.