MP Report: Canadians Reject Federal Government's Arrogance on the Budget

This week the House of Commons sat around the clock to debate and vote on the Federal Budget.

What has happened has been unprecedented. It is a result of the Federal Conservatives trying to push through a massive omnibus bill that includes numerous issues that have nothing to do with the Budget.

Our caucus held numerous public consultations across the country on the Budget.  Our final report highlighted that many Canadians are speaking out against the Conservative Trojan Horse budget. 

The response was overwhelming. Canadians expressed outrage at the degree to which the Federal government has undermined the democratic process by forcing through a range of cuts without proper debate. These include cuts to environmental protection, pensions, government accountability and health care.

In addition to concerns from a wide range of Canadians, the report contains feedback about the budget from experts in various fields.  We heard from professors, scientists, professionals and industry experts.

From working families to our country’s top experts, Canadians everywhere are extremely worried about the consequences of this budget. They have stated clearly that the increasing arrogance of the Federal government is unacceptable.  We have taken this message to the House of Commons.

Unprecedented arrogance. An unprecedented Budget. An unprecedented fight.