The Liberal government has announced that they have come to an agreement on NAFTA – but the new deal they signed is nothing like what they promised or what Canadians were looking for.  

The Liberal government told Canadians they would defend dairy, poultry, and egg farmers, and bring in provisions that would help women, Indigenous people, and the environment.

Instead, they’ve signed a deal that does none of this. A deal that will hurt farmers – and drive up the cost of medications for Canadians. And they’ve failed to get anywhere on aluminum and steel tariffs that impact tens of thousands of Canadian jobs.

This deal makes life less affordable for Canadian families and hurts Canadian workers. 

Trudeau talked a good game about standing up to Donald Trump – but when it came time to stand up for what Canadians needed, he backed down. 

NAFTA failed Canadians. This deal is no different. 

Call it by whatever name you want. The new deal is a bad deal.