MP Report: 2011 Was an Eventful Year

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy new year.

Looking back on 2011, there is no doubt it was an eventful year.

Politically there were numerous major developments.

In May, we held a Federal election with historic results. It resulted in a Conservative majority government and for the first time the NDP was elected as the Official Opposition.

Tragically, in August Jack Layton passed away. There was an outpouring of grief across the country and the Prime Minister took the unprecedented step of holding a state funeral. 

In the fall, we had a provincial election that resulted in the re-election of Manitoba's NDP government.

Also in the fall, the Federal NDP announced that a leadership convention would be held in March 2012. In November, I announced my candidacy for the leadership of the NDP.

Throughout the year I spoke out on numerous issues that are important to Northern Manitoba. I spoke out on the need for support for Northern roads, sewer and water, housing, health, education, jobs and economic development, the destruction of the Wheat Board and many other issues. I also spoke out on issues such as pensions and collective bargaining rights that are important to our region.

Looking ahead to 2012 I have no doubt that it too will be an eventful year.

Thank you for the encouragement and support I have received in 2011.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent our region in Parliament.