Message to Michael Moore

Hello Mr. Moore,

My name is Niki Ashton. I am the Member of Parliament for Churchill, which is in Northern Canada. I am also part of the New Democratic Party.

Many of us here at home know of the great work you do to profile the struggles of working people. The way you have shared so many stories and created such an impact inspired us to share our story.

We wanted to share our story with you. It is a story of how foreign ownership and corporate welfare are on course to devastate a community, and region. We are fighting to break the silence and have our story heard. We are fighting to reverse the plan of devastating job loss and the shipping away of value-added jobs from our area. We are fighting not only for our community but for communities like ours.

We believe that you could understand our story. And we hope that it may be shared with as many as possible. We want people to join our campaign and call on the Canadian Federal Government to stand up for us and not corporations. We want to have the say in how we build our country, and how we move forward.


Niki Ashton
Member of Parliament (Churchill)

Link to video: