Message on Day of Action to #HonourTheApology

As the MP for Churchill, I stand with you and with people across the North and across Canada to Honour the Apology. Today we call on the Federal Government to listen to the voices of First Nations, Metis and Inuit and all Canadians, and Honour the Apology.

This day of action became a reality because of the recently published research shedding light on the intentional malnourishment and experiments that were done to First Nations people, including children at Residential School. This research shocked and angered so many of us. The fact that First Nations people were purposely exposed to malnourishment and abject poverty is yet another horrifying chapter in Canada's history of colonialism.

I acknowledge that our region was particularly affected. Tests were done by Government officials in Norway House and Opaskwayak Cree Nation - The Pas. Today people in both of those communities are speaking out and honouring this day.

We are coming together today to seek justice and demand action in the memory of those children. We call on the Government to extend the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission so that the truth of these experiments can come out. We call on the Government to respect the apology that was made and to honour Survivors, their families and their communities by taking action; and we point to the continued circumstances of poverty and food insecurity that too many First Nations youth face - circumstances that must be changed.

There must be action. There must be healing. Our stand today is an important part of calling for change.

Miigwetch, Masi-Cho, Thank You, Ekosi